FX8, Dead LH speaker

  • Suzukizone
    # 10 months, 2 weeks ago

    The LH helmet speaker has gone dead on my FX8. Any tips on tracking down a cure. I am hard of hearing as is so need both speakers working.

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    Jobo (Philippines)
    # 4 months, 3 weeks ago

    I have an FX8 pro that I bought to try. On my headset, the one on the right was the one that lost sound.

    I stopped using it while I try to find a replacement headset.

    But I tried the unit again several minutes ago and the right one had sound again.

    I try to move the wires around to try to see if I can get to lose the sound again but it didn’t.

    But I lost it again as I tapped on the right speaker with my finger.

    When I tried to unstick the foam because I wanted to try to remove it and see if I can find the problem and the sound went back again and even if I tap the speaker with my finger, the sound does not get lost anymore.

    Reusing the intercom and see if the problem will return.

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