Can we make a Wikipedia page for an athlete?

  • Ellis Cameron
    # 1 year, 3 months ago

    Yes, anyone can create a Wikipedia page for an athlete. However, the page must meet Wikipedia’s standards of notability and neutrality. This means that the athlete must have achieved significant recognition off the field and have reliable, independent sources that can demonstrate the notability of the athlete.

    what’s the process for creating a Wikipedia page?

    The process for creating a Wikipedia page can vary depending on the topic. Generally, the process involves researching the topic, writing the article, and then submitting it for review.

    1. Research: Research the topic thoroughly, using reliable sources to ensure accuracy. Make sure to read Wikipedia’s policies and guidelines, as well as its policies on notability.

    2. Write: Write the article following Wikipedia’s guidelines.

    3. Submit: Submit the article for review. Once approved, the article will be published.
    If you still get troubled making a Wikipedia page you can take help from Wikipedia Consultant

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