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M1S vs the FX8?
What are feature differences? Range differences?
Why should 1 be considered instead of the other?

You can check our main intercom compare table (include M1-S Plus and M1S PRO and FX-8 ) here:

Fodsports M1-S Plus Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset is an UPDATE version of M1-S pro,
which owns the special Music share, Voice Mute, FM Radio Function to meet all the motorcycle riding enthusiast’s special needs.
For music share function,( sharing music or other audio files with rider or passenger )

FX8 had a Pop-Up antenna (30% Stronger Signal.)

It depends on your needs if you want to enjoy music with your rider partner, you can choose M1-S Plus,
only intercom need can choose M1S PRO

If you want to get stronger signal intercom for Longer distance, can choose FX8.

Do we know which bluetooth chips are included in each unit?
And are they both Bluetooth 4.1 or is one of them capable of Bluetooth 5.0?
Both Bluetooth 4.0 and open Bluetooth
But their software is not the same, so they can contact only one universal intercom (if use different brand model intercom)

Fodsports only FX6 Intercom Have Bluetooth 5.0